This site is under construction if you find any errors contact us
Connecting to the server is pretty simple, you either type in our server adress Kcw-community.eu or you click the adress on the right.
Only time will tell, right now we are working on the website, we are building it from scratch so it might take some time. Until then this will keep you informed about all our projects and updates, including ones to the website.
You can contact us over the mail way, our e-mail adress is Info@kcw-community.eu
please dont use this e-mail for your unban request!!!
You can apeal for an unban by using the following e-mail adress. The e-mail adress is Admin@Kcw-community.eu, please note that it might take some time until we response to your unban request. We will response to you as soon as possible.
Response time is expected between 2-3 days
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